A Life on Course
Professional golfer Candie Kung confesses that during her early years in the sport, she didn’t want to play. “My parents were crazy about golf,” she recalls. “A friend got them into playing and they would play every weekend back in Taiwan. But I had no interest—not a [read more]
Everyday vegetarian
This past January marked a year since my oldest daughter became a vegetarian and changed the way I cook for our family. She had previously tried going vegetarian the year before, but I was completely unprepared for it. There were already a limited number of things that everyone in our family of [read more]
Summer weekend getaway to Houston
You may not think of Houston as a vacation getaway, but this major city, just a four- to five-hour drive south of Allen on Interstate 45, has a variety of family fun spots that make for a perfect late summer getaway. Whether it’s the beaches of Galveston, waterfront fun at Kemah Boardwalk, the [read more]
ACT transforms into Neverland for a hilarious British comedy—Peter Pan: The Panto
What do you get when you cross British humor and physical comedy with a well-loved children’s story? A hilarious, interactive performance that is perfect for all ages! This comedy version of Peter Pan is not the same one you’ve enjoyed before. With additional characters like Nanny Knickerboc [read more]