Revitalizing Our Neighorhoods
For Melonie and Steven Bean, the thrill of buying a home in Allen seven years ago quickly waned when they discovered a number of vital repairs were needed. Their budget wouldn’t cover the expense of hiring someone to do the work and physical limitations prevented them from do [read more]
Front Yard…Big Impact
Once upon a time, front yards were neighborhood gathering spots. People waved to each other while picking up the morning paper, caught up on current events sipping iced tea on the front porch and kept a watchful eye on each other’s kids. Attention to detail in the manicured lawns and colorful fl [read more]
Joan of Arc
From the fifteenth century French peasant girl who led an army to the iconic martyr burned at the stake, Joan of Arc has remained a popular heroine throughout the centuries. Her story has been recounted in film, literature, plays, painting, and sculpture. Joan of Arc is also a Saint in the Roma [read more]
Wholesome food, wholesome family values
Some things are just meant to be. One of those things is Kelly Family Farms, a local family-owned farm that raises grass fed beef that is sold, along with homemade hamburgers, at the area’s only food truck “restaurant” located at 1989 Lucas Road in Parker. The Kellys behind the name—b [read more]