ACTV behind the scenes
Want to keep up with what’s going on in the community? Regret missing that fascinating program at the Allen Public Library? Curious about the old cemetery in the middle of town? A solution is just a few clicks away. Fifteen years ago Allen brought Mark Kaufmann on board [read more]
It looks like a Tonka toy with an attitude, a tri-wheeled, remote-controlled little beasty with a sinister looking claw that clamps onto things a foot away. The brains behind this beast christened it “Scorpion,” and they watched intently as two team members, a driver and spotter, sent it caree [read more]
Spring Break Fun
It’s Spring Break and the kids are home for nine days. What’s a parent to do? Get out and about and enjoy a wealth of fun in your own backyard. Solve a Mystery at the Perot Museum A trip to the Perot Museum is a kid-pleaser any time, but now through May 10, the Perot Museum is hosting [read more]
Support through thick and thin
What makes a strong and successful school district? You might say dedicated teachers, committed staff, modern infrastructure, strong leadership, motivated students or outstanding academics. However, a quiet, but essential, component of educational excellence can be for­gotten—parents and p [read more]